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Chronicling Russ & Mary's Adventures

2018 VDTA Convention

VDTA Show Convention Trip to Charlotte, NC March 22-25, 2018 Thursday March 22, 2018 The day started normally, up at 5:50 AM to the Google Home alarm. Soft and gentle. Tommy B. was on vacation so we listened to “The Best of” as it’s Spring Break. That should have...

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LJ Weekend | March 2018

Lumberjack Weekend | at the J P Rohow "secret" Compound in Wisconsin March 9-11, 2018 Friday, March 9, 2018 Friday AM started fairly normal. I arose, made coffee and thought about what to pack... You see, after the "boss" granted me a day off I accepted my "BiL"...

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Russ’ Ice Diving Course

The course is all inclusive. In other words, we had to do all of the work BEFORE we could dive. This included cutting the hole, removing the blocks of ice that were cut, shoveling around the hole and getting the ropes tethered to the ice so they didn’t fall into the water by mistake. A big Oops!

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Channel Islands Dive Trip

September 20, 2017 WEDNESDAY Good Morning! Up at the usual time as our flight is scheduled for 11:35 AM. Mary and I did our morning routine with an early departure at 8:55 AM headed for Jim Davis’ house to meet up with the motley crew. Mary kindly volunteered to drop...

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Surviving Russ’ Cold Water Diving Class

This is a personal project I decided I needed to do so I could keep up with the complete idiots that want to dive in COLD water... So, apparently that makes me an idiot... 🙂 ... again... To everyone thinking of taking the "Dry Suit" course... make sure you know what...

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Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day at the Battisto household. We started out with Grandma Ruth and Gina showing up early. Grandma for a short visit and Gina to start her prep. Grandma headed home before dinner but enjoyed herself. It was a beautiful day on the deck. Then the party...

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